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What is Smash Deals & Coupons?
Smash Deals & Coupons is a user-generated social shopping site where users can find, share, and discuss enjoy the best deals and coupons available online. It is FREE to use, and FREE to join! Keep in mind that we don't sell any products directly. We help you find the best bargains out there, then send you to retailers' sites to purchase those products at their discounted prices.
How do I follow a user or a store?
Just click the "Follow Store" or "Follow User" button! You can find these buttons on both a Store page and a User's profile page. Remember, you must sign up and log in to follow users and stores.
What happens when I follow a user?
When you follow a user you become their follower. You can now track their Deals & Coupons by going to your profile and clicking on the "Followed" button or by subscribing to the Weekly or Daily Emails. To change your email preferences, please click Edit Account on the top right menu.
Do I need to provide personal information to use coupons on Smash Deals & Coupons?
No, Smash Deals & Coupons does not require registration or any other personal information in order to use our online coupons but if you don't want to miss any valuable coupons you might want to sign-up using your email address so we can email you once a week (or even daily!) with deals and coupons from stores and users of your choosing.
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Deals & Coupons

What are "Featured" Deals and Coupons?
Featured Deals and Coupons are items that have been hand picked by our editors because of the quality of the deal and the reputation of the store where the deal is available. Most featured deals are on available in limited quantities and have near future expiration dates.
What are online oupons & Deals and how do they really work?
Online Coupons & Deals work by the same principle as traditional coupons which you would redeem at a retail store and retail store special sales. The only difference is that "online" coupons are only redeemable online and are not for in-store purchases. Since most internet users are transitioning to more online shopping due to the convenience and competitive pricing, online coupons have become the way of the future.
What is the difference between a Deal & a Coupon?
An online Coupon is a discount which is applied to all qualified items within your entire order. It is deducted during the checkout process. It is activated either by an embedded link or by typing in a coupon code during checkout. You must make sure that the discount is displayed before finalizing your order since it is difficult if not impossible to fix this after the fact. A Deal is usually a reduction in the displayed retail price of a product. The price you see is the price you pay and usually the merchant conveys the deal by crossing out the original retail price and displaying the new deal price in red.
A Coupon or Deal I wanted is not working, what can I do?
With millions of people shopping online everyday, online coupons and deals come and go at a rapid pace. If a coupon or deal listed on Smash Deals & Coupons is no longer available, please mark it "Not Useful" and report it as "Dead". While we do our best to note the actual expiration dates, sometimes it is hard to know these details. We appreciate your help in weeding out the "dead" deals.
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User Accounts

How can I change my email address, password, or other info?
Sign into Smash Deals & Coupons and click the "Edit Account" link in the upper right to go to the users control panel from where you can edit your email address, password, select an avatar and other information.
How can I subscribe or unsubscribe to a Smash Deals & Coupons emails?
To unsubscribe, change frequency of the emails or change your subscribed email address you can either click the link at the bottom of the email we sent you or go to the "Edit Account" section from the top menu.
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Everything Else

What's an FTL Drive?
For the answer to that, you must watch Battlestar Galactica.
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