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Top 10 Kids Halloween Costumes For 2012

Posted by (h2d2) on 10/11/2012
Everybody loves Halloween for different reasons: throngs of kids in their adorable costumes certainly tops the list, but for me, I'll be honest: it's the candy. Tiny, fun-sized candy, in unimaginable, wholly inedible quantities, it fills me with joy. You know the secret to such chocolatey, noughgatty, All-Hallows Glut? Throngs of kids in their adorable...
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Car Rentals - How To Save Money When Renting Cars!

Posted by (h2d2) on 10/03/2012
Renting a car can be fun... for one you don't care about abusing that gas pedal! (just kidding, Budget / Avis / Enterprise...) But being at that airport counter and deciding between insurance options can be tough. So from the travel experts at, come today's money saving tips for future car renters. Whether you're planning a road trip or...
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How To Take College Classes Online... For Free!

Posted by (h2d2) on 09/30/2012
College costs a lot. That is no secret. And it's a sad fact that one in five American households have higher education debt. The average loan amount for those households is over $26,000. That is a big big number. With the way things are with the economy today - and for the near future - when it takes college graduates a lot of time to find a job, a...
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True Cost Of Lighting [Infographic]

Posted by (h2d2) on 09/17/2012
One of the easiest way to save money at home is by making sure that you are NOT using incandescent bulbs around your house or apartment. Yes, the more energy efficient bulbs are more expensive upfront, but their long lifespan ensures you will end up saving money in the long run. What types or bulbs should I get? That's an easy one for now. CFL or compact-fluorescent...
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Sub-Reddits For The Frugal Consumer

Posted by (h2d2) on 09/04/2012
reddit is the best social site for discovering new content, breaking news and insight on the internet today. It offers unique "sub"-reddits on individual topics which can range from bizarre (What Would Zombie Steve Jobs Do?) to niche (The Last Airbender). There are so many sub-reddits that there is even a "Random" button at the top of every reddit page...
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Cutting The Cable Cord And Living Without It

Posted by (h2d2) on 08/31/2012
I watch a ton of TV. I watch a lot of movies. And I do it all without having a cable subscription. You don't really have to be a TV watcher like me, it may be the case that you have cable and yet you don't really watch any TV. And I am not the only one. Nielsen estimates that in the last year alone 1.5 million others have join people like me. I personally...
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Getting Money That States Owe You

Posted by (sdeals-staff) on 05/25/2012
Warning: This blog post may read like an infomercial or spam message, but trust me, it's neither. Did you know that the States, Puerto Rico, and even some Canadian Provinces have an association called the National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators (NAUPA)? And that the sole purpose of this organization is to return money owed to the...
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How To Buy Facebook Stocks WithOUT Buying Facebook Stocks

Posted by (sdeals-staff) on 05/17/2012
There is a lot of interest among investors and wannabe investors in the Facebook IPO. But most of us won't be able to get Facebook at launch or even after that if it shoots up too high as expected. So what can you do? Get ETFs. An ETF (Exchange Traded Fund) is similar to a mutual fund. It is composed of other actual stocks and is traded pretty much...
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Unique Ideas For Mother's Day 5-13-2012

Posted by (sdeals-staff) on 04/25/2012
So there are a lot of options for Mother's Day other than the typical pharmacy-bought greeting card and grocery-chain flower bouquet. Here we have compiled a list of some unique ideas. Search our site for more Mother's Day promotions. For starters, how about instead of a regular greeting card, you go with a huge, jumbo-sized card from
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Instagram On Android: End Of Smartphone Elitism?

Posted by (sdeals-staff) on 04/04/2012
If you have an iPhone, (and even if you don't) you may familiar with the photo taking app called Instagram. As of today, the app is available for free on Android phones. This has generated a lot of buzz, mostly from the iPhone users who feel like they've lost a major trendsetting edge they've had on the masses using the "lesser" Android OS. Here's...
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