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Cutting The Cable Cord And Living Without It

Posted by (h2d2) on 08/31/2012

I watch a ton of TV. I watch a lot of movies. And I do it all without having a cable subscription. You don't really have to be a TV watcher like me, it may be the case that you have cable and yet you don't really watch any TV. And I am not the only one. Nielsen estimates that in the last year alone 1.5 million others have join people like me. I personally find that cord cutting has helped me manage my TV watching time a lot better when I am not tied to a schedule... and on your lazy Sundays you can watch your favorite show's entire season in one go.

Nielsen - Cable Cord Cutters 2012

So what do I do instead of cable? There are many free and paid services out there and it's hard to list them all there, but I have to mention Netflix and Hulu Plus. There are also new services like PlayLater which augment online TV streaming services by allowing you to record shows, much like a DVR provided by cable providers. Here's an interesting article on that lists all available options today.

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