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Sub-Reddits For The Frugal Consumer

Posted by (h2d2) on 09/04/2012

reddit is the best social site for discovering new content, breaking news and insight on the internet today. It offers unique "sub"-reddits on individual topics which can range from bizarre (What Would Zombie Steve Jobs Do?) to niche (The Last Airbender). There are so many sub-reddits that there is even a "Random" button at the top of every reddit page to take you to a random sub-reddit which you may not have otherwise discovered. Anyway, here's a list of cool sub-reddits that you should subscribe to in order to save some dough here and there and learn cool new tricks to help you life a more efficient (and economically optimzed) life:

  • r/Frugal: Articles, tips and advice on the frugal ways of life.
  • r/lifehacks: The sub-reddit lists awesome original and collected life hacks from around the web.
  • r/howto: Cool tips and tricks for everyday tasks and unique situations.
  • r/BuyItForLife: Advice and requests for advice on the best of stuff money can buy... to ensure that it lasts a lifetime.
  • r/lifeprotips: According to the sub-reddit, "the purpose of LPT is to provide tips that improve your life in one way or another."
  • r/tipoftheday: Exactly what the title says.

There are a ton of other niche sub-reddits for almost any individual topic you can think. If you can't find something specific you are looking for, try r/AskReddit; reddit is an awesome and friendly community and I am sure someone will have the knowledge and desire to help you in your quest!

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