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Should You Use A Coupon On A Date?

Posted by (sdeals-staff) on 03/23/2012

Recently I saw a very interesting post on reddit, where a guy was chastised by a date for using a coupon (membership discount) at a fancy restaurant! I find it kind of hilarious and sad at the same time. Are we still living in a society that considers couponing as a negative?

I believe being thrifty is a good sign to look for in a personality, especially when you are considering long term prospects of being with someone. I believe this way of thinking will eventually gain more ground in society as people lean the benefits of saving outweigh the "stigma" of try to get a deal.

Here's a promising comment from a redditor:

My girlfriend was super impressed by my money saving ways. Cheap is when you eat at dairy queen, because you have a dollar off coupon. Using a 50% off voucher at an upscale French restaurant is called being smart with your money.

Me and my girlfriend use coupons/sales/deals to live a lifestyle that would otherwise be above our means. We wear designer clothes, because we know how to find deals. We go to plays and concerts with the cash we save shopping for groceries with coupons.

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