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Making Use Of Employee Discounts

Posted by (sdeals-staff) on 04/03/2012

Employee discount is a term typically applied to the discount you get at your workplace on products an services offered by your employer. However, it can also apply to discounts offered to you by other companies as part of your employment benefits. If you work for a large corporation or even a smaller organization, and you aren't getting any discounts on products and services from third parties, then you are probably missing out on some good deals.

Where do I find these discounts? The best place to start is probably your company's intranet site, specifically the benefits and human resources sections. For example, if you companies pays for your cellphone or of other employees, it has likely negotiated a discount with the service providers that any employee qualifies for. Typically these discounts range from 10% to 25%.

Another major category is electronics and computers. Check to see if your employer has special discounts and major manufacturers like Dell or Apple due to their regular office usage of the manufacturer's products. Corporate Perks is a major discount site where you can check your eligibility for discounts by signing up with you work email address.

Corporations also like to sponsor and donate to culture and arts related venues like museums. In turn these organizations offer the employees of their benefactors reduced or fee admissions. A good place to check for such discounts is the corporate sponsorship sections of the place you intend to visit.

Lastly, sometimes your particular profession makes you eligible for discount not extended to the general public. Military discounts are the most widespread of these discount. However, others professions, such as teachers, are also eligible for discounts at a lot of places.

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