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Making Use Of Employee Discounts

Posted by (sdeals-staff) on 04/03/2012
Employee discount is a term typically applied to the discount you get at your workplace on products an services offered by your employer. However, it can also apply to discounts offered to you by other companies as part of your employment benefits. If you work for a large corporation or even a smaller organization, and you aren't getting any discounts...
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Should You Use A Coupon On A Date?

Posted by (sdeals-staff) on 03/23/2012
Recently I saw a very interesting post on reddit, where a guy was chastised by a date for using a coupon (membership discount) at a fancy restaurant! I find it kind of hilarious and sad at the same time. Are we still living in a society that considers couponing as a negative? I believe being thrifty is a good sign to look for in a personality, especially...
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The Art Of Not Being An "Early Adopter"

Posted by (sdeals-staff) on 03/10/2012
Not getting the latest and greatest may be the simplest advice I can give anything looking to save their money. "Early adopter" is the title given to trendsetting customers; individuals who procure the latest and greatest because its predecessor is no longer enough to meet their wants. Wants, not needs. And therein lies my arguments against being an...
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Buying Refurbished - Why It Makes Sense

Posted by (sdeals-staff) on 02/12/2012
Perhaps it is a psychological affect, but some people are immediately turned off when thinking of refurbished items as "used" and just not as good as something sold to them as NEW. For me, as an individual who makes sure that almost every penny spent counts, saving money is more important than getting something that comes in a sealed box. Buying refurbished,...
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